About Wallflower Photography

Wallflower Photography, located in Tacoma, about 35 miles south of Seattle, is one of Washington State's top wedding photography studios. Owned and operated by two award-winning wedding photographers, Laura and Scott Schoeggl, Wallflower Photography provides premium wedding photography services unmatched by all but the very best wedding photographers.

Wallflower Photography is committed to achieving the highest possible degree of quality in all three major facets of modern wedding photography: behind the camera, behind the computer, and in their wedding album and wall art design and materials.

While photographing, Laura and Scott fade into the background, just like you would expect of a “wallflower.” From their two separate perspectives, they'll expertly cover your planned events — and catch fleeting moments and expressions that happen suddenly and then are gone. They'll create striking and romantic images of the bride and groom in a fun, efficient portrait session.

While you're honeymooning, they'll invest dozens of hours in their computer lab, digitally polishing your photos so that they become not just cool images, but works of art. Then they'll craft one of our beautifully designed custom albums that will become a new family heirloom you'll treasure for years to come.

Please contact Scott and Laura at Wallflower Photography for more information and to inquire about availability.